Monday, 4 July 2011

Title Cards

Draco title cards that will appear at the start of the film have been completed. In keeping with the vintage feel of the film the title cards will fade in and out and be accompanied by a ragtime style tune played on the piano. End credits will include more details about the making of the film.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Promotional Poster

In terms of film promotion, the first semester was all about getting the name Draco seen through a parody of famous film posters. This semester sees the film emerge with its own identity revealing to the audience the vintage look and feel of the piece.

Thumbnail Scans

Scene 4 Shot A & B

Scene 5 Shot A

Scene 5 Shot B

Scene 6 Shot A & B

Scene 7 Shot A (ignore the size inconsistencies)

Scene 8 Shot A

Scene 8 Shot B & C

Scene 9 A

Scene 9 A (Last two look like constipation- still working on making it look like a wind up before hurling the ball)

Scene 9 Shot B

Scene 9 Shot B

Scene 9 Shot C

Scene 9 Shot C

Scene 14 Shot A

Scene 14 Shot B

Scene 15 Shot A & B

Scene 15 Shot C

Scene 15 Shot D

Scene 15 Shot D (Draak Turn)

Scene 15 Shot E

Scene 15 Shot F

Scene 15 Shot G

Scene 15 Shot G

Scene 16 Shot A

Scene 16 Shot A

Scene 17 Shot A & B

Scene 18 Shot A & B

Scene 18 Shot C

Scene 18 Shot D & E
Thumbnail reviews will follow then I will move on to keyframing  and possible break-downs to see how the animation is looking (key poses, readability). Nothing is ever final in this stage- further work will be needed to lock down final poses and expressions, but overall I'm happy with the way its looking at the moment; kudos must go to Amy for her Storyboards- each shot planned and deliberate, perfect for what a short film like Draco.